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Holly Hill
Children's Home
9599 Summer Hill Road
California, KY 41007-9055
(859) 635-0500
(859) 635-0504 Fax
Holly Hill
Family Connection Center
2816 Bluegrass Drive
Highland Heights, KY 41076-1577
(859) 442-8500
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Administrative Team

Connie Wong Executive Director 859-635-0500 x212
Janet Van Nevel Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services 859-635-0500 x214
Eileen Moore Director of Community-Based Services 859-442-8500 x29
Jo Wilder Director of Residential Treatment 859-635-0500 x210
Fonda Reis Director of Foster Care and Adoption Services 859-635-0500 x217
Alice Kinman Case Management Coordinator 859-442-8500 x12
Louis Fasce Accountant 859-635-0500 x208
Julie Althaver Development Specialist 859-635-0500 x233
Connie Fisher Training Specialist 859-635-0500 x203
Cathy Holbrook Support Services Supervisor 859-635-0500 x223